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How can I join Brumby’s Rewards?

There are 3 ways to sign up for Brumby’s Rewards:

  1. Sign up at your local Brumby’s store by providing your name, mobile and/or email at the till.
  2. Download the Brumby’s Rewards App from the iTunes App Store or get it from Google Play on your smartphone or device and register.
  3. Grab a physical Brumby’s Rewards card and you can join via the website at

A copy of the Brumby’s Rewards Terms & Conditions is available at your Brumby’s store and when you complete the registration process

Note: the customer is not a registered Member until they complete the online application process.


What do I get when I become a Brumby’s Rewards member?

As a Brumby’s Rewards member you will receive every 9th Brumby’s Bread Loaf and 9th regular Hot Beverage free. You will also receive a free Brumby’s Bread Loaf or free regular Hot Beverage as a sign-up reward. Brumby’s Rewards members receive birthday rewards, member only benefits, deals and information about Brumby’s promotions.


Does it cost to join Brumby’s Rewards?

No, it’s free to join!


Do I need to register my Brumby’s Rewards membership?

Yes, if you do not register you will not receive benefits offered under the Brumby’s Rewards program including a free Bread Loaf or free regular Hot Beverage on your birthday.

If you do not register online you can still accumulate points and participate in the buy 8 Bread Loaves & get the 9th free and Buy 8 regular Hot Beverages & get the 9th free, rewards program.


How do I download the App?

The Brumby’s Rewards App is available via the App Store or Google Play. Search for Brumby’s Rewards and follow the prompts to download.


How do I join the Brumby’s Rewards program through the App?

Easy. Once you have downloaded the App, simply follow the prompts to set up your account. You will be required to provide personal information in order to create your account such an email address and your birthday.


If I have registered via the App, do I need to register online?

No. you can choose to sign up via the App or online. Whichever option suits you best. If you register through the APP you will not receive a physical card.


I have a Brumby’s Bread Lovers Card. What happens with this one?

We recommend utilising your Brumby’s Bucks before you start claiming rewards on the new Brumby’s Rewards program. Once the new Brumby’s Rewards program has commenced you will no longer receive Brumby’s Bucks on each transaction.


How do I redeem my free Bread Loaf/Hot Beverage via the App?

You will receive a notification in the App that you have a free Brumby’s Bread Loaf or regular Hot Beverage waiting for you to redeem. Look for a notification against the Rewards icon. Make sure you have notifications turned on so you do not miss out on any free products!


Do I need to turn on notifications in the App?

We recommend it. As part of the Brumby’s Rewards App you will be notified when you have a free Brumby’s Bread Loaf or regular Hot Beverage, along with any exclusive deals, offers or promotional information.


Will I be able to see how many free Bread Loaves, or Hot Beverages I have accumulated?

Your rewards balance can be checked via your APP under rewards or view your account online via the Brumby’s Bakery website.


Can I update my details via the App?

You sure can. Go to the ‘My Account’ section and follow the prompts to update your details where necessary.


I have deleted the App, are my details lost?

It’s all good. Simply download and reinstall the App again and sign in to view your details. Any information is saved against your account details.


Will I accumulate a free Bread Loaf/Hot Beverage with the purchase of any other Brumby’s Loaves?

No, you must purchase a Bread Loaf from the Included items list located here in order to accumulate credit points.

You must purchase a regular Hot Beverage to receive a credit point.

In order to claim your free bread loaf or regular hot beverage you will need to collect 8 Bread Loaf credit points or 8 regular hot beverages credit points within the same category, e.g: If you purchase 4 bread loaves and 4 regular hot beverages, you won’t be eligible until you have 8 items in either the Bread Loaf or regular Hot Beverage category.

I have forgotten to show my Brumby’s Rewards App at the start of the transaction. Can I still accumulate rewards?

No, unfortunately, the App needs to be presented at the beginning of the transaction for rewards to be accumulated.


If I purchase two Brumby’s Bread Loaves or two Hot Beverages in one purchase do these count towards my FREE Bread Loaf/Hot Beverage?

Yes absolutely! Customers who purchase more than one Brumby’s Bread Loaf in one transaction can use these towards their 9th free Bread Loaf.

Customers who purchase more than one Brumby’s regular Hot Beverage in one transaction can use these towards their 9th free regular Hot Beverage.


Do I have to use my FREE Bread Loaf or FREE regular Hot Beverage at the time I receive it, or can I accumulate them?

It is recommended that you claim your free Brumby’s Bread Loaf or free regular Hot Beverage on your next visit to get the best use out of our Rewards program. 


If I usually purchase a large Hot Beverage will I receive my free Hot Beverage the same size?

The standard size for the free Hot Beverage is a Regular.


When do I get my Free Birthday Reward?

The FREE birthday beverage is of regular size and is available to customers who provide their birthday upon registration. You can choose between a free loaf or free regular hot beverage. You will receive your birthday reward 7 days before your birthday. Your birthday reward will be valid for one month from your birthday date.


Will I accumulate rewards on purchases such as bread rolls, tarts or savories?

No, the Brumby’s Rewards program is only valid for Brumby’s Bread Loaves and regular Hot Beverages. Please refer to the list of applicable items.


If I have multiple free Brumby’s Bread Loaves and/or multiple free Hot Beverages on my account, can I use them in one transaction?

It is recommended that once you have a free Bread Loaf or a free regular Hot Beverage reward you enjoy it to make the most of the Brumby’s Rewards program. However, if you do have one or two free Bread Loaves or Hot Beverages saved you may use them at the discretion of your local Brumby’s store.


Can I remove myself from marketing emails?

Yes, you can. However, by doing so you will not be notified of any free rewards, benefits or upcoming promotions. If you wish to be removed from marketing communications, either email or login to your account online or via the app and turn off email notifications which is located under ‘Notifications.’ You can also unsubscribe via the ‘Unsubscribe’ link in marketing emails you have received from us.


Do my points expire?

Your FREE Bread Reward and FREE Hot Beverage Reward will be available on your account for up to 3 months; they can be used at any time up until this date before they expire. It is recommended that you use your free Bread Loaf or free Hot Beverage on your next visit to ensure you reap the benefits of the Brumby’s Rewards Program.


What can I redeem?

After you have purchased 8 Brumby’s Bread Loaves or 8 regular Hot Beverages, your 9th one will be on us! Please note the free Hot Beverage as part of the rewards program is a regular size.


How do I check my Loaf/Hot Beverage count balance?

Registered Members can view the Bread Loaf or Hot Beverage count acquired on their Brumby’s Rewards Program Account at any time by visiting the ‘Card’ section of their Brumby’s Rewards APP or by visiting and entering your valid login details.


I downloaded the Brumby’s Rewards App but do not see any offers.

On initial sign up you should receive a Free Bread Reward or a Free Hot Beverage Reward ready to be redeemed in the APP or when presenting your card. If you don’t, please contact our Customer Care Team by emailing

Your rewards will be valid for three (3) Months. 


How do I cancel my Brumby’s Rewards membership?

If you wish to cancel your membership, please email Membership may be cancelled or refused to individuals by Brumby’s at its sole discretion.

Where Membership has been cancelled or termination (either at the request of the Member or discretion of Brumby’s):

all Brumby’s Rewards that have not been redeemed will be automatically forfeited and cancelled.

You will not be eligible to earn Brumby’s Rewards or participate in Other Benefits or Promotions that require Membership from the date of cancellation.

The Brumby’s Rewards card is to be returned to Brumby’s within fourteen (14) days (only Applicable to Brumby’s Rewards card holders) where requested by Brumby’s.


I have registered online but have forgotten my password. What shall I do?

No problem. Simply head to and click ‘forgot my password’. You will be sent an email with further instructions.


How do I update my details?

Using your APP – Update your account via the EDIT PROFILE in the Account section of the APP. Please note that if you update your mobile number or email, you are required to verify your details again to ensure these are correct.

Using your card – Update your account via the EDIT PROFILE in the Rewards section on


I tried to use my Rewards card/APP at Brumby’s but they would not accept it.

Whilst we actively encourage every Brumby’s store to participate in our Rewards program each store is individually owned and may offer rewards outside of the official Rewards program.


 If I’m having a problem registering online or have forgotten your login/password details, what should I do?

Please contact our Customer Care Team by emailing or via our CONTACT US page on


Can rewards be transferred between different accounts?

No, rewards cannot be transferred.




My partner and I share the same physical Brumby’s Rewards card. Can we have the same rewards account on our phone?

No. Unfortunately, Brumby’s Rewards can only be added to one account number. Each App has their own unique account and cannot be duplicated to any other device.


 I’ve lost my card, what do I do?

You must notify Brumby’s immediately if your Brumby’s Rewards card or Smart Phone has been lost or stolen by emailing

If your card and or smart phone has been lost, stolen or damaged:

Brumby’s Rewards will not accrue once you have reported a Brumby’s Rewards App and/or card as lost or stolen to Brumby’s, until a replacement card / App has been activated and issued.

Brumby’s may issue you with a replacement Brumby’s Rewards Card with a new identification number.

Please note if the member has not Registered online, any accrued points cannot be transferred to the new Card/App.


What if I do not want to register?

If you do not register you will not receive any Brumby’s Rewards benefits such as promotions, Birthday Rewards and registration Rewards.

If you do not register online you can still accumulate points and participate in the buy 8 Bread Loaves & get the 9th free and Buy 8 regular Hot Beverages & get the 9th free, rewards program.


What happens if I have lost my card and it has not been registered?

Unfortunately, you will need to sign up again with a new card.


Do I need to scan my card when I buy a Brumby’s Bread Loaf or Hot Beverage? 

Yes, present your Brumby’s Rewards card or present your Brumby’s Rewards App before your transaction is complete to ensure you accumulate your purchase.

If you do not have a card or mobile phone with you simply provide the registered mobile number or email address. You must be a registered member for this to occur.