Why Brumby’s?

At Brumby’s we pride ourselves on being a specialty bread retailer and one of Australia’s largest and most successful franchise groups.


We share a passion and love for our craft like no other. We respect the history of artisan bakers that have come before us, and we honour their heritage with a fresh and creative approach.


The communities we operate in demand that “homemade” means “homemade”. This is an authentic promise because this is where the real inspiration comes from. We bring raw ingredients to life, by combining them with passion and love to create authentic, honest baked goods that inspire a desire to bake more.


Ready to be your own bakehouse boss at Brumby’s…?


The number one thing I love about Brumby’s is working for myself, and being the local baker helps me be a real part of my local community. I have a great lifestyle now days, I can work in the mornings and pop in and direct and see the staff in the afternoons. My earning potential is great, bread has a good margin for profit and I can control the production of product to meet demand. The products at Brumby’s speak for themselves. The freshness of daily baking really hits home with my customers, and it shows when they return daily to get all their bakery needs!

- Brett & Samantha Connell Brumby’s Easy T

Why Franchising?

Franchising offers you the opportunity to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself.


Buy into an established brand

Gain the competitive edge by entering the market with an established, well known Bakehouse brand!


Bakehouse brilliance!

At Brumby’s, we take pride in moulding the perfect creation born from simple ingredients. We share a passion and love for our craft like no other.

No experience ok

No industry experience? That’s ok!

We offer you a world-class Franchise Partner training program, preparing you to run your own Brumby’s Bakehouse.


Sophisticated supply chain solutions

We’ve done the hard work & setup. Ensure increased efficiency and productivity to launch your business into the future!


We value your time!

Have payroll, rostering, and HR all at your fingertips! We have streamlined your processes so you can spend more time focussing on the important tasks.

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Enrol your team

Be supported by our tried and proven training programs designed to educate and inspire your team for success.


We’ve baked bread every day since 1975 and we have now grown to serve a loyal legion of customers who buy more than 10.5 million loaves each year!

The Process

Once you’ve decided on selecting franchise, We are there to support you every step of the way through the application process.



You make your initial enquiry and discuss your needs with our Franchise Recruitment Executive who will conduct a phone interview and work towards finding a suitable site that meets your requirements.



You will be provided with a Franchisee Application for completion. A site specific budget estimate is offered. Having received this information, you are now able to consider finance options. We will then assess your application keeping in touch with you along the way.



This is your chance to meet the team and discover exactly what’s involved in owning your own bake house. From here we will discuss, review and assess the fit of the franchisee partnership.



Taking into account your application, interviews and our assessment, we now make a final decision on whether this franchise opportunity is for you and whether we go to the next step.



Now it’s time to set up shop, provide you with a formal franchisee approval and send you off to complete a comprehensive training program to enrol you in the key processes and procedures to effectively run your business.



Stock up on your sleep before the big day! Your dream bakehouse is ready to serve. Our team will be there to support you during the initial stages, offering all the help you need as you start to find your feet.

The first step to the lifestyle, freedom and financial security you want is a click away.


I’ve been baking for over 10 years now. Going out on my own in business always felt like a giant leap, but when the opportunity to consider a Brumby’s Franchise fell into my lap, it felt so natural to follow my passion AND be backed by the security of a proven system. Brumby’s is more than just a bakehouse, I truly believe that… The quality of products is second to none and the care kneaded into all of our creations is one of the tastiest forms of art you’ll come across!

- Jeremy - Perth

Available Locations


Wagga Wagga


Pacific Pines

The Avenues



Harvest Lakes(Atwell)

Epsom Village


Cannon Hill

Caufield North VIC

Parkside Plaza Kirwin (QLD)

Allenstown and Gracemere



With over 140 stores across Australia, we love to share our passion and love for our craft for ‘homemade’ baked goods.


Speak to our team Franchise specialists to enquire about both the local and international location opportunities available to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I require any special experience?

No, although having business experience is always an advantage. We provide comprehensive training for all areas of your new store.

What is the term of a franchise agreement?

New franchisees are ordinarily granted a five (5) year initial franchise term together with an option to renew for a further five (5) years. This may vary depending upon the term of the lease applicable to the site.

What is the total cost of acquiring and opening a Brumby’s franchise?

A new Brumby’s Bakery can range in price from $370,000 to $430,000 (excluding GST).

What does the total cost include?

It includes a fully fitted-out store and equipment, training, manuals and initial franchise fee but excludes GST.

Do I have to pay a deposit? If so when and under what circumstances would I lose my deposit or any part of it?

A deposit is payable upon second stage application– post suitability assessment. These monies are generally refundable if the franchise doesn’t proceed.

What are the ongoing fees of the franchise?

A franchise service fee of 6% (plus GST) of your total gross sales calculated weekly is payable in connection with the Brumby’s Bakery franchise system. A marketing contribution equal to 2.5% (plus GST) of your total gross sales calculated weekly is also payable into an independently audited marketing fund.

How much profit will I make?

This depends largely on several factors such as the sales performance of the outlet, the value of wages paid, cost of goods and other operating costs and generally how you operate your business. We have identified certain key performance indicators which are monitored in order to maximise your profitability.


The main reason for joining a franchise system was to allow us more time to spend on the actual day-to-day running of the business. We are constantly impressed by the support and encouragement that comes from Brumby’s.

- Candice & Billy Dows Brumby’s Nundah