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lamingtons-backtoschool Whats New Page

Meet the new lamingtons in town!

If you love our legendary chocolate lamington, you’ll be excited to read what we’re about to tell you.

Raspberry White Choc Lamington

We’ve taken the original lamington sponge and marbled it with raspberry flavouring, and then coated in that same amazing raspberry flavour and then finished with white chocolate flakes. During our consumer testing we were told the taste “took me back to childhood” and “tastes like fairy floss!” It’s going to be a hit with big and little kids. Try them for yourself!

The Mocha Lamington

We’ve taken our original lamington sponge and made a version for the lovers of coffee! Chocolate meets coffee to create our incredible Mocha Lamington. We’ve marbled coffee flavour through the sponge and then we’ve coated it in our legendary chocolate dip. Finished with white chocolate flakes. Need we say more?