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There’s More Dough in Baking than Engineering

Western Australian engineer, Vishal Sharma, has replaced his machinery with muffins, lured by the lifestyle that comes with owning his own business.

After seven years working as an engineer, Vishal put down his tools and bought his first business, the Brumby’s Bakery store in Spearwood.

“My work was greasy, dangerous and a bit painful, as I had to climb over roofs all day to service machines,” he said.

“I was ready for a career change and rather than work for someone else, I decided to focus my time and energy into growing my own business.”

Vishal and his wife are new to the franchising world and were inspired by the success of their friends, who own Brumby’s Bakery franchises elsewhere in the state.

“We hope to extend the Brumby’s footprint in Western Australia, and after refurbishing our store in the next six months, our next goal will be to look into purchasing a second store,” Vishal said.

Vishal’s vision for Brumby’s Bakery Spearwood is to introduce more variety for customers, including different types of sourdough, cheese loafs, cakes, slices, muffins and scones.

In order to ensure high quality ingredients, the couple recently hired a local baker, who they say makes an irresistible sourdough and whose wholemeal bread has already become a staple among locals.

“I mostly work behind-the-scenes running the business but sometimes I jump in to help our baker craft fresh, delicious products,” Vishal said.

“My wife loves talking to customers and looks after the counter a few days a week and at the end of each day she arranges for leftover products to be donated to local charities.”

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