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Brumby’s Extend Authentic Sourdough Range for Winter

New Authentic Winter Sourdough flavours have landed at Brumby’s!

‘Choc Chilli’, ‘Rye Sourdough Vienna’ and ‘Turmeric & Lentil’ have been added to the Sourdough mix for winter, with something to suit every palate.

Pick up a ‘Choc Chilli’ loaf for a rich chocolate taste, beautifully complemented by a hint of chilli.

Or, try the classic ‘Rye Sourdough Vienna’ with a thick golden crust – delicious with breakfast, lunch and dinner!

And, why not get your hands on the new ‘Turmeric & Lentil’ Sourdough – the perfect addition to a warm and hearty winter soup.

Check out the Authentic Sourdough range in store at Brumby’s today, or visit our product page.

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