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Lunch Box Favourites

It’s hard keeping kids interested at the best of times, let alone at lunch time, so we’ve put together our kid-proof recommendations for school lunch times you won’t find in the bottom of their school bags.

Tiger Cub Rolls

Let their imaginations run wild with our Tiger Cub rolls!

A roll version of our Vienna-style white loaf, it has a crisp, flavoursome rice paste finish that sets and cracks during the baking process to give them a cool tiger skin appearance.


Perfect for small mouths and tummies, a Tiger Cub roll topped with ham or salad will have the kids roaring for more.

Cheddarmite Mini Scroll

A favourite with Aussie kids since always, our Cheddarmite Mini Scrolls are the ideal size for growing (and grumbling) tummies.

A soft white scroll, combined with tasty cheddar cheese and classic Aussie Vegemite, our Cheddarmite Scrolls are a combination that will never get old.


Perfect for picky eaters, this tasty snack will keep them going from lunchtime to bell time.

Hi Fibre Lower GI Loaf

Mum knows best, and every mum knows that it takes a lot of energy to be a kid, which is why we recommend our Hi Fibre Lower GI Loaf to keep them going from A to Z.

This loaf has a low GI, which means when combined with all the play in the day it can provide a sustained source of energy, plus all that fibre makes for happy tummies.


The humble sandwich will go a lot further with this slice of goodness and little bit of their favourite spread.

Cheese and Bacon Mini Roll

Don’t expect to find these at the bottom of the school bag a week later, in fact they’ll be lucky to make it to school at all!

Our classic Cheese & Bacon mini rolls are packed with tasty bacon pieces and topped with cheese, and are great for the kids lunch boxes.


Get one while you can, we see tiny fingers back for more!

Finger Bun

For a finger licking good treat that won’t send them (or you) up the wall, try cutting up a Finger Bun for afternoon tea.

Our white buns topped with icing and sprinkles make the perfect treat that’s not too sweet.


Sticky fingers and even stickier uniforms are the sign of a school day well spent.

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