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Brumby’s launches authentic Sourdough


Brumby’s have launched its new authentic sourdough range.

To create the perfect authentic Sourdough loaf our Bakers must endure a labour of love.

Flour, Salt, Water and Yeast may be the key ingredients but to produce an authentic Sourdough loaf you have to be passionate about the process! Our bakers must first feed the Sourdough levian, an active bacteria culture similar to yeast before resting the dough over a period of time to bring out the product flavour, aroma and definition.

It’s our bakers’ signature craft.

From there, we hand mould our dough to control the finished product and refrigerate to slow down the yeast activity. This process enhances the flavour in the sourdough crumb and crust.

We proof the dough and let it grow before scoring to produce its signature shape.We then bake the product to allow the loaf to rise and develop its crisp crust.

Cooling is the final step in the process so the full flavour and aroma is captured in the product.

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