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Brumby’s Bakers Roll Out a Win

Brumby’s bakers from Highfields, Urangan and the Gold Coast have risen to the top, securing six awards in Toowoomba’s 2016 King of the Bakers’ show.

The event took place in March at the Toowoomba Showgrounds, where hundreds of professional bakers were judged on the overall quality, volume, appearance, texture, structure and aroma of their handcrafted products.

Brumby’s Bakery Franchisee Trainer Donna Elton, alongside with Bev Ward Product Innovation Manager said her team from the Gold Coast won first place in the Savoury Hospitality Bread category in class 19 for their Pane De Casa, second place for their Traditional Sourdough in class 23 and another second place in class 21 for their Pasta Dura.

“We are so proud of the wonderful bakers that took part in the show, and we are very honoured to win these awards,” Donna said.

“The event was booming with incredible support from the local community and it was so great to see everyone rallying together and cheering for their favourites.

“The secret to making the best bread comes down to quality ingredients, wholesome flavours and the love that goes into it.”

Donna said Brumby’s Highfields was judged in class 23 and won first place for their Traditional Sourdough and also won third place for their Commercial Bread in class 36, while Urangan was crowned third place in class two for their Multigrain Half Married.

“These awards are an outstanding achievement for all of our stores and I’m so honoured that our hard work has been recognised,” she said.

“Overall we couldn’t be happier with the result and we are excited to see what the future holds.”

Brumby’s Bakery Head Baker Matthew Hart from Highfields and Franchisee Russ Johnson from Urangan said they were blown away by the incredible support of the community.

“These awards are an outstanding achievement for our stores and I’m so honoured that our hard work has been recognised,” Matt said.

“This is much more than just an award for us; this is recognition for the hard work that our store puts in to bring our customers the best of the best,” Russ said.

Brumby’s Bakery works closely with their Aussie wheat supplier Manildra to ensure the brand continues to support hardworking Aussie farmers and bring top quality Australian product to its customers.

“We love to deliver home grown goodness to local families using 100% locally sourced Aussie wheat to ensure we are only using the best ingredients,” Donna said.

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