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Collect all 5 Lunch Bags

Simply spend $15 or more in a participating store to receive a free Lunch Bag, be sure to collect all five bags before they disappear!

Discover our Bread

All of our breads are handcrafted by your local baker and created fresh daily, with 100% Aussie Wheat. We've pulled together our favourites which are sure to delight school lunches.

Healthy Lunchbox Recipes

View our simple, healthy and easy lunchbox recipes using our favourite healthy sandwich loaves.

Low Fodmap

Created for people with sensitive tummies, our Low FODMAP loaf is jam-packed with seeds and grains and is high in protein, fibre and contains reduced fermentable carbs, making it easier to digest.

Ancient Grain Sourdough

Made from natural sourdough culture, this loaf boasts a nutty aroma and earthy flavour. Perfect for cheese platters and amazing toasted with butter and vegemite.

Hi Fibre Loaf

Our Hi Fibre loaf has 25% more fibre than our normal sandwich loaf! This loaf is perfect for school or office lunches and freezes well.

Multigrain Sandwich Loaf

This soft, grain bread is made using our white flour and our 12-grain mix to produce a loaf great for kid's lunches, and a perfect way to sneak a bit of health into their diet.